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Date: May 19, 2017 Posted by: admin In: Design

I have not blogged lately because I have been so busy! Busy with both Graphic Design projects and my new Aerial Cinematography business called Aerial 51 Studios This business is really taking off, no pun intended 🙂

So last week I had the opportunity to attend the How Design Live Conference in Chicago and it was so inspiring. It is always nice to meet-up with other designer in the field, as well as talk to and see lectures from my design heroes, like Jim Krause and Aaron Draplin. It was well worth going just for that. These two designers are totally different, yet have so much to offer in the design world. Jim Krause has this brilliant way of breaking down type or color theory in terms that a kindergartener could understand it. I always ask myself after hearing his lecture, “That makes total sense… now why was I making that so complicated?”. I was excited to hear that he has a new book coming out this Fall on color. I still need to pick his one form last year about using type.

Aaron Draplin didn’t give a lecture, but he was there in complete with his Mom, who is the sweetest lady. Draplin setup one of this Draplin Design Co pop-mart stores and it immediately packed with 100s of designers who couldn’t wait to give him money for his cool art and swag. I can’t swing a flat-brimmed hat and I even bought one. The man is a talented designer and he is a big influence on my design and how I approach it. He took the time to give me and my colleague a pose for a selfie and giant bear hug.


The Conference was full of inspiration and new ideas and I even found a little time to do some stealth droning in the windy city.


Jim Krause

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