The World from Above

Date: February 24, 2017 Posted by: admin In: Aerial, Design

I have always loved flying RC helicopters as a kid and in the last few years the small quadcopter. Last Spring I invested in a more expensive quadcopter with a pretty decent camera. I was instantly addicted. I passed my Part 107 Pilot test the second day it was released by the FAA. I even have had some paying jobs. I am refined my flying skills and been able to capture some awesome still pictures and video. In December I created my first Demo Reel.

I know there are mixed negative and positive feelings towards drones. I think the public is still getting used to them. Along with flying comes responsibility. If good practices are used, drones can be safe and very powerful tools.

I started a business called Aerial 51 Studios and there I have samples of some of the images I have captured, including my Reel. Please take a looks.


Aerial Reel 2016 from Aerial 51 Studios on Vimeo.

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